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Who We Are

Ramey Nutrition provides the best in nutrition therapy because our focus is on the individual. We acknowledge that people know more about their own bodies than we do. Through diagnostic listening, our Providers are able to put their hearts and expertise into a gentle, individualized, and success-based approach.

Meet the Team

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Our Vision

Our vision is that all people discover the power within themselves to live a free life beyond their medical issues.            

"Ramey Nutrition exists to protect powerful souls who have forgotten their power; to remind them of who they are." -Scarlett Ramey, MS, RD, CD

About Us

"There is no doubt in my mind that Ramey Nutrition saved my life. This team stuck by me and believed in me when everybody else had given up. Today I am recovered and, for the first time ever, I am living life. This is a life that I had to fight for, but with Ramey Nutrition, I won ."

-KS, former patient

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Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorder support that leads safely and efficiently to full recovery.

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Medical Nutrition Therapy

Reasonable life changes while minimizing lifestyle disruptions.

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Medical Exercise

Guided exercise tailored to individual needs.

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