Nearly every person can find fault with their body — it takes some real work to feel positive about your physical being day in and day out. However, with a little work and mindfulness, you can tame the negative thoughts that rear their head regarding your self-image and learn to feel awesome in your own skin. Here are four tips that you can boost body positivity starting right now.

Go Get a Massage

Massages feel great, and they help you relax and take your mind off life stress. Beyond making your body feel good, massages also help release positive hormones like oxytocin, which increase feelings of positivity, trust and happiness — which means you might just leave a massage appointment feeling a lot better, both mentally and physically, than when you came in.

Talk to Yourself Kindly

When you’re feeling bad about your body, look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself as if you were a friend who was having similar thoughts. What would you say to a friend who was feeling bad about him or herself? Treat yourself like a friend, and describe all the positive and beautiful things you see. Reframing the way that you communicate to yourself can help shape more positive thoughts over time.

Make a List of What You Like About Yourself

Sit down, and write a long list of all the stuff you like about yourself. Maybe you’re great at sports, or you make people laugh. Maybe you bake delicious cakes! Whatever you’re great at, write it down and then keep this list in your pocket or wallet. Whenever negative voices creep into your head, pull out the list and remind yourself of all the great things about you. You can keep adding to the list over time, so you’ll never forget why you are admired and appreciated.

Do Something That Makes You Feel Strong

Your body is strong and capable. Remind yourself of that by doing something you enjoy that requires strength. Go on a run, do yoga or even mop all of the floors in your house. Using your physical strength will remind you how capable your body is, and exercise also releases endorphins, those feel-good chemicals in your brain.

If you are feeling down about your body, there are some simple steps you can take to help re-shape your thoughts. If you’re struggling to cope with your self-image, Ramey Nutrition can help. Our eating disorder therapists can help get at the root of your feelings and teach you new ways to handle the way you regard your self-worth.