Empowered Healing

Ramey Nutrition specializes in empowering patients to discover their own healing by providing the resources and support needed for each individual’s medical or psychological situation. This begins with listening to the needs of our patients, and understanding the priority each issue holds for them. After gathering this information, we are able to develop an individualized plan together, to help each patient reach their goals, their way. Whether the needs are nutrition motivation, exercise guidance, individualized therapy sessions, or developing an understanding of their relationship with food, the team at Ramey Nutrition is dedicated to guiding each patient safely through a process to achieve their personal goals.
Elements eating disorder clinic

Our eating disorder clinic provides support that leads safely and efficiently to full recovery.


Prime Health Nutrition provides reasonable life changes while minimizing lifestyle disruptions.

Why Ramey Nutrition?

At Ramey Nutrition, we focus on providing the highest quality care to each individual we work with. We take a practical, individualized, and holistic approach in our work to assist you in achieving your goals and overcoming the barriers that are in your way.

Our training and professional background is diverse, but our specialties include eating disorder recovery, diabetes management, weight management, pediatric nutrition, and allergies. The team at Ramey Nutrition is dedicated to action in its purest and most effective form.

We develop programs, through a purpose-driven attack, against the idea that our medical or psychological issues identify us. At Ramey Nutrition, we take you from dreaming about a life beyond your illness to a reality of true overall health.

We utilize a variety of nutrition counseling techniques as they relate to food, exercise, and body image, such as: clarifying nutrition myths; identifying the true meaning behind decisions made; exploring when and where a particular destructive behavior began; establishing small steps to progress towards life free from food guilt and exercise shame.

We believe that our patients deserve whole lives–without the identity of their medical issues and the team at Ramey Nutrition represents that freedom.