Many eating disorders are born of a negative self-image. There can be numerous catalysts for this, but one thing is certain — you deserve to live a life free of your eating disorder. You can begin to rebuild your confidence and see yourself in a positive light by following the recommendations laid out below.

Soul Fixes

Do you find comfort in your faith? If you’re a religious individual, prayer is an effective way to soothe your soul by conversing — silently or out loud — with the creator of the universe. Talk honestly about the things that trouble you in order to reach the root of the problem. You can learn how to pray effectively by talking with your pastor, researching the matter online or joining a Bible study group.

Should you lean more toward the spiritual rather than religious, try meditation. This is effective in calming your spirit and helping you to see your issues with a different perspective. Join a meditation group or read about the process online.

Positive Self- Image

Take your thoughts captive by telling yourself that you will no longer have a negative self-attitude. In the morning or any other time you catch yourself in front of a mirror, recite positive thoughts to yourself. Make them into a sort of mantra. You can do this silently or out loud. Tell yourself that you are a unique individual, that you are worthy of being well-liked, of having a good job, of making lifelong friendships, etc. Anytime a negative thought enters your mind, let it pass through and then bring up a positive one. You can learn to practice positive self-talk by speaking with a counselor or researching it through books or on the internet.

Helping Others

One of the best ways you can develop a positive self-image is by focusing on helping others. The feeling that you get when you help someone else is comparable to someone patting you on the back and saying, “Well done!” Knowing that you made life better for someone else is an effective way to feel that your life matters and that you are worthy of approval. You can help others by joining a volunteer organization or by simply listening carefully to your friends and coworkers when they talk. If you are attentive, you will discover small and large ways that you can help make someone else’s life better.

The struggle of overcoming an eating disorder is long and can be quite difficult at times. But if you have more self-confidence and feel that your life matters, the journey will be less arduous and bring about positive results.